Mobile app development is a fast-growing market with billions in turnover all over the world.

We scale quickly and manage all stages of the Mobile Application lifecycle, including ideation, architecture, design, development and quality assurance.

With the help of our offshore development team, We have a proven track record of creating high-impact, result driven and engaging mobile apps on all popular platforms with Native, and Hybrid Technologies.

Platform we use :

NextG Solutions helps you with Full Stack Web Development

We work to help you build your business with financial gain, improve performance, enhance productivity by understanding to harness the right technology to become more agile and competitive in your market.

Outsourcing your IT needs has a lot of benefits, We deliver state-of-art websites by using Agile methodology to ensure project consistency and completeness.

Platform we use :

Our expert team of software professionals successfully provide a mature and quality project management.

Our team also emphasize on the other important elements for an exclusive design of custom software application.

NextG Solutions is highly equipped and possess high knowledge in order to build an efficient state of the art software application.

We built the software applications using the programming languages and tools that best suits each project’s need with application development services.

We only use highly efficient, innovative and appropriate techniques and methods that are trending in market and are required by the clients.

We have not twice the opportunity to make a good first impression. Good data visualizaiton is all about conveying information clearly, efficiently, and without distraction

NextG Solutions provide you with:

Consistency and structure

We make sure that we provide you with a user friendly Application/ Website.

At NextG Solutions we belive that a product is more than the product itself. It is a cohesive, intergrated set of experiences.
We think through all of the stages of a product or service from initial intentions through final reflections, from first usage to help, service, and maintenance.

In order to provide you with a meaningful user experience, we make sure that the information is:


Nextg Solutions provides technology migration services with a distinct re-engineering process.

We assist organizations in migrating their legacu application (old software) to high-performance. We provide a secure, stable infrastructure and deliver a smooth transition to the new technology model(s).

We efficiently combine our technology expertise, several transformation preferences and recommended solutions to re-engineer your product or application to the latest technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, server segregation - AWS, etc.

NextG have wide experience working with cloud software development and deployment since 2009. We are the lead Vietnamese cloud services provider.

Clients who subscribe to computing services delivered via the “cloud” are able to greatly reduce the IT service expenditures for their organizations, and gain access to more agile and flexible enterprise level computing services, in the process.

Saas (Software as a Service) provides clients with the ability to use software applications on a remote basis via an internet web browser

PaaS (Platform as a Service) provides clients with the ability to develop and publish customized applications in a hosted environment via the web. It represents a new model for software development.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allows clients to remotely use IT hardware and resources on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

At NextG Solutions we consider Testing as a process rather than a single activity.

It should be planned and it requires discipline to act upon it , we believe that the quality and effectiveness of software testing are primarily determined by the quality of the test processes used.

We make sure that your product is correct, compete and has the quality which is acceptable we check if your software system meets the initial specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose

The activites of testing we follow can be divided into the following basic steps:



To schedule test analysis and design tasks, test implementation, execution and evaluation.


Analysis and Design

To review the test basis. The test basis is the information on which test cases are based, such as requirements, design specifications, product risk analysis, architecture and interfaces To design the test environment set-up and identify the required infrastructure and tools


Implementation and Execution

To assess if more test is needed To write a test summary


Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting

To check which planned deliverables are actually delivered and to ensure that all incident reports have been resolved To finalize and archive test ware such as scripts, test environments, etc. for later reuse To evaluate how the testing went


Test Closure activities

To check which planned deliverables are actually delivered and to ensure that all incident reports have been resolved To finalize and archive test ware such as scripts, test environments, etc. for later reuse To evaluate how the testing went